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James is continually optimizing operational efficiency and reliability. High quality syrup production involves numerous sophisticated electrical and plumbing systems and equipment required to produce high quality syrup. Each of these systems must function interdependently and trouble-free at all times of the day throughout the season. Although his mechanical engineering background provides him with the right skill set for this aspect of the farm, he will tell you he simply loves to make maple syrup.

John’s career as a professional wildlife biologist has afforded him the knowledge to oversee the forest management decisions required that seamlessly integrate sap production with a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Cathy handles the income and expenses bookkeeping while overseeing sugarhouse sanitation standards as though it were the cytogenetics laboratory she manages by day.

Lauren is the family’s principal epicurean. When not teaching high school history, she applies her love of cooking to discover and develop the wide array of uses for maple syrup/sugar as a sugar alternative in everyday cooking.

When she isn’t multi-tasking with her high school physical education students, Hayley can be found working on all aspects of maple syrup production.  She might be in the woods on one of the tapping crews or fixing pipeline leaks or in the sugarhouse keeping the fire stoked at a constant temperature or drawing syrup at just the right density and flow.

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