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Welcome to the Buck Family Organic Maple Farm

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a family owned and operated maple syrup farm in Washington, Vermont who takes great pride in producing pure Vermont Grade A maple syrup.

Buck Family Maple Farm is a single-source maple syrup producer. That is to say, our entire production process, from the sap of our maple trees to the packaging of the finished maple syrup, to you the consumer, takes place entirely on our farm. Even our sugarhouse, where all the syrup is made and packaged, was constructed by us from trees we felled and milled from the spot where the sugarhouse now stands.

We invite you to tour these pages to learn about how we make our maple syrup, how we care for the forest where the maple trees live, and the many ways to include natural maple syrup as a regular part of your daily food choices. Enjoy!

Now offering local pick up in Waterbury Center.

Specialty gifts

Maple syrup is a healthy and natural alternative to processed sugar and it makes for an excellent gift for holidays and special occasions. We regularly fill special orders for weddings and conventions. For pricing please call 802-244-8792 or email us at

Absolutely the finest Vermont Maple syrup I have ever had!

Heather Palmer

Our Maple Farm. A Century of Maple Syrup Traditions.

Buck Family Maple began over 25 years ago with a large roasting pan and two maple trees in the yard of our Waterbury, Vermont home. Today, we make syrup from 2000 trees on our Washington, Vermont maple farm that has produced maple syrup since the 19th century. As we continue the maple sugaring history on our land, we hold a special place in our hearts and minds for the people who cared for this land long before us. Without their care and thoughts of future generations, the trees they tapped all those years ago would not be part of our forest today.

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About the Farm

Buck Family Maple began over 25 years ago with a large roasting pan and two maple trees in the yard of our Waterbury, Vermont home.

Our Award Winning Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup comes from maple trees, period. There is no added ‘maple flavoring’, brown sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, or any other ingredient.

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Making Syrup

Making maple syrup is the simple process of removing most of the water from the natural maple sap to concentrate the remaining sugar into syrup.

Meet the Family

Each family member brings a unique talent that helps keep our machinery running, our forests sustainable, and our maple syrup delectable.

Sustainability in the 21st Century

As we plan for the future, our descendants are very much in our thoughts. Operating our sugaring business is deeply tied to being naturally sustainable and renewable. As we have grown, we have made many time-saving improvements, from sap gathering and storage to syrup production and canning. But, in the end, sustainability comes from a healthy forest. By keeping this mantra ever present we have never strayed from our family’s personal commitment to the environment at all levels of maple syrup making. This is why we keep a watchful eye on all of the trees, the soil, the water, and the precious wildlife that make our woods their home.