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Buck Family Maple Syrup Blue ribbon winner

Our award winning syrup has captured the blue ribbon in every year since our first entry in 2015.It is emblematic of the care and pride we take in every step of the maple syrup making process. In addition to following the strict quality standards set forth by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and the Vermont Maple Sugarmakers Association ( Buck Family Maple does more.

We further ensure our quality with an organic certification from the Northeast Organic Farmer's Association (Vermont Organic Farmer’s Association) and a certification from Audubon Vermont (Vermont Audubon Society) for managing our forest to be bird-friendly. These steps include no chemical forest pesticides, tap number limits per tree, tapping depth limits, tree species and age diversity, stainless steel and food-grade plastic equipment exclusively used, and exclusive use of organic defoamers.


Real maple syrup comes only from maple trees, nothing else. Maple syrup production does not require intensive use of the soil or water such as tilling and pesticide use, only healthy natural maple trees. There are no added ingredients such as ‘natural flavorings’ or ‘natural colors’. Real maple syrup does not have any added sugars either. You will not find corn syrup, brown sugar, or ingredients that you cannot pronounce in real maple syrup. If the syrup you are buying doesn’t list the single ingredient as 100% maple syrup, you are not buying real maple syrup.